5 Gifts For Golfers This Christmas

Golf enthusiasts make gift-giving so easy and uncomplicated for their loved ones. Simply get them something to help them improve or enjoy their game more, and they are already extremely happy. Now if you are thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for that golf-loving special person in your life, here are some of the 5 coolest stuff for you to check out now. 

  1. A Swing Analyzer: Although it is a bit on the pricy side as a gift, a mobile swing analyzer can truly make that golfer happy, and slowly help them improve on their game. It connects to your phone and club, sending the information wirelessly through.
  2. Golf Balls: Golfers will always need golf balls, but there are now special ones out on the market. OnCore, for example, is a startup from Buffalo, NY that creates balls that have a hollow core made of metal and a high-performance polymer layer that shifts the weight.
  3. Putting Green: Golfers want to practice even if they are at home or work, specifically during idle times. A cool gift is the AKLZAccelerator Pro, which allows him to play because the ball simply goes back down. This is a great item for lunchtime practices and just-for-fun sessions to de-stress.
  4. Laser Rangefinder: For a lot less, you can find a similar product to those. The ScoreBand PULSE can even detect accurate yardages at the same time.
  5. A New Shoe Bag: A fine shoe bag like one from Hudson Sutler is not just great for your feet and shoes, but it is made of nylon. They will keep your shoes safe and when the shoes are off, the feet are quite happy.

New products are being developed daily but still, these products will help you improve your game. Using your new 90% coupon at TGW, you can easily find them and buy them already.